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Updated: May 26, 2021

The Guidelines and Info (Must Read)

Aleph Stars is an animated series about a group of teenage introverts fighting aliens, monsters, and their own struggles with depression, anxiety, and even abuse. As they live with and eventually overcome these trials, the Aleph Stars grow as young adults and heroes to their city of Marine Cape.

Breakdown: Non-Union, $250 per hour with a 2-hour minimum

Location: Recording remotely, using home setups (Broadcast Quality.)

Submission Guidelines

  • Record all lines in one mono MP3 file. No more than 2 takes maximum. Please read all lines all the way through before beginning your next take. Keep all takes in one file.

  • Do NOT slate.

  • Please record these auditions with the setup you would use for final recordings. If unable to use your home studio for this audition, please provide a sample of your usual home studio setup for reference.

  • Audition File Name: “Character Name_Your Name.mp3” (i.e. “Sasha Noir_Anairis Quiñones”)

  • Please Separate all characters by different files but same format from above instructions.

  • Email the attached audition to:

  • Title Email: “Aleph Stars -Your Name (i.e. Aleph Stars - Anairis Quiñones)

  • In the body email, please include your reel if available.

  • DEADLINE: May 25, 2021


Full of bravado, Stolm is Bolter’s chill older brother. He feels like a big husky bear, both in his kind demeanor and strength. Despite that, he is incredibly powerful and shows that strength when mad or serious. His voice is deep and strong that can shake bones when he raises.
"HAAAHAHAHA!! You can do it, brother!" (Big belly laugh/light mocking/teasing)
"I see, well...I'll deal with it myself." (Low/change of tone/ Menacing/ scary.)
"Sky Dropper!!!" (Super attack/big and booming/ base)


A fast-paced badass, Bolter is smug, arrogant, and a true thug, unlike his stronger older brother. He likes to toy with his prey and show them just how strong he is before annihilation. He acts like a total Rockstar with a medium to medium-low voice. With a slight rasp to it and overwhelming attitude.
"Are you sure about this big bro? This planet looks dusty…” (Smearing/laid back/unimpressed)
"Ooohhh!!? You’re the Aleph Star? Nice! You really cut out a big piece of the pie, eh?” (Charismatic/energetic/arrogant.)
"Typhoon Flash!” (excited, charging up, super attack)


Soft and compelling, Ms. Noir is a very blunt but nice person. She can visibly get upset, but she’s usually highly upbeat and personal. She is fairly young with a youthful voice and relaxed demeanor. Making it a lot easier for her to empathize with the teens she works with.
"Those scars, they're new. So, what is it this time? You fell down the stairs or your bike again?" (soft caring/motherly)
"You know, I can’t help you unless you talk to me." (straight forward/calm)
"Well...I can’t make you talk. But! I’ll be here when you want me to be." (Reassuring/caring/loving)

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