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The Story:

One night out of the year shooting stars crash down onto the beach city of Marine Caped...Or so they say.

But what happens when the legend is true? In a twist of events, 5 teens who don't know each other are hit by a shooting star holding inside aliens that give them unique powers. Now they are a new generation of heroes, the Aleph Stars.

Can they put their school life differences aside and become the heroes we need? or will they lose the battle within themselves first!

The Story: Story

The Aleph Stars


Domonza "Domo" Heart

Domonza Glenn Heart is many things: Cunning, creative, and a constant trouble maker. He is known for being the kid who fights in school that teachers hate, kids don't like, and parents want far away. Domos spent most of his life being an outcast and spending months in detention. He deals with persistent depressive disorder and separation anxiety that makes him feel unloved. But that never stops him from speaking his mind and always trying to do what is right like his big sister taught him.

Lura "Lulu" Umane

 Top of her class and hard at work, Lura Milano Umane is the 10th-grade class president who never has time for herself. She's constantly on the move doing favors for teachers, being the leader of her many clubs, and trying her best to get A++ every test. Lura deals with constant pressure from all the adults around her and what they want for her and her life. But what does she want? Lura struggles in English from her dyslexia and pushes herself harder to be able to study for hours on end. She has extreme anxiety issues making her deal with doubts, fear, and panic attacks regularly. But she must do whatever it takes to make her parents proud and happy.


Rionna "Rio" Hatori

"That's disturbing..." a phrase usually reserved for all the weirdness she goes through while on a team of superheroes. Rionna Kristen Hatori isn't the hero type but just like the others, she was thrust into it, just.her.luck. Rio is a survivor of constant abuse and threat to her life and mental health. Masking it behind quietness, a sassy attitude, and lots of money spending... No one really knows her-And that's just the way she wants to keep it.

Kojine "Koji" Queson

A classical instrument from a classical man. Kojine Jale Queson is among the richest kids in school and only attends public school cause it's convenient.  He's top of his class, girls want him, boys want to be him, and he's the lead violinist in the school's music group. Koji's entire life has been based on thriving for success and hunting for ambition with zero breaks, becoming the perfect idea of manhood. But leaving no time for himself or others. He suffers from emotional detachment disorder. And has a hard time relaxing, talking, or being around other people.


Djoji Kudos

 Djoji Alesander Kudos is a bit of a clutz with a big heart and a big appetite. He grew up poor in a trailer park near the beachside of the city. Djoji loves to take pictures of anything and everything!! Looking through the glass of his polaroid camera gives him confidence and solace that he usually doesnt have in his daily life. Djoji has lived with autism his entire life making him always feel different from everyone body else. He hardly feels comfortable in social situations. And feels his constant studdering gets on people's nerves, so he'd rather not speak at all. But he'll sleep,he likes sleeping.

The Story: Cast & Crew

The Aliens



 This little red boy is the youngest of the star children with the brightest personality. He likes to eat like Domo and has a habit of chewing and trying to eat everything, even dirt. He is energetic and big-eyed. With a love of fun and experiencing new things. His childish demeanor makes it so he has to be taken care of diligently. Forcing responsibilities on Domo he’s never had. And helping him not be lonely through those cold nights. 


Controlling, and always audacious, she is like the big sister who is always tattling. She has a much-needed attitude and backbone, she uses to force Lura to do things she'd otherwise neglect, like eating and sleeping.



Lava may not be the smartest or the most eloquent but she has the biggest heart you'll ever see. She's always emotionally open and looking to hug anyone to the point of naivety. She is happy-go-lucky and doesn’t mind being Verdi's Guinea pig, thank goodness Golza's there to protect her. And when it comes to Rio she loves her more than anything.


 The sort of big brother of his little family, he is the responsible type who takes care of everyone. Though he isn’t as loud as the others he’s just as kind if not more. Azurzo speaks through his actions. And stands by his loyalty to his friends. 



 He is the smart one, the really smart one. He has an affinity for science and will even experiment on anyone dumb enough to fall for his charms, mainly Rento and Lavandra. A bit of a mad scientist, He is very confident and brings confidence to Djoji that he doesn’t have. Verdi is a fast talker and a smooth one. Who's scientific curiosity could lead to the pain of him and everyone around him-Buuuuut!! he loves Djoji above all else.

The Story: Cast & Crew

The Marine Caped Student Body


Ashley Minna

Ashley Kindred Minna is the prettiest and most popular girl in school. She is one of Rionna's oldest friends. and taught her everything she knows about getting your way. Ashley is strong, competitive, and fierce, coming off as intimidating with nothing but a simple glare. She's the envy of many, the bully of others, and the queen of the school. You cant tell her no and defiantly won't. Ashley doesn't really care about school but only goes as she finds her own way to the thing we’re all looking for.

Blaike Isabella Garcia-Johnson

Blaike Isabella Garcia-Johnson is only tired sometimes (all the time.) Blaike has been hanging out with Rionna and the others since they were in kindergarten. Blaike is a rich socialite and heiress to her parent's vast real estate company. She's grown up with rich people her entire life, Koji included. but living wealthy and isolated has left its toll on her. Making it hard for her to feel much of anything happy or sad. Now shes Usually tired,and completely nonchalant about everything. Something that can definitely grate on her boyfriends nerves...all of them.


Christina "Christy" Corre

Give her a big hug!! Christina Coney Corre is a loving happy go lucky girl. She's smarter than she looks,optimistic, and a really good runner on the track team. She grew up with Rio and the girls and they support her in the things she wants to do. She can be too nice, allowing people, even Ashley to step on her feelings and the things she likes. but she loves her,Rio,and Blaike no matter what. She has a big heart and always looking on the bright-side. Even when aliens are attacking.

Kanna Trang

Kanna Trang is a wonderful training artist,but you wouldn't know that. Most people don't notice her but the people who do only want to hurt her. She’s bullied every day and only finds a breath of levity in her drawings,wanting one day to make comics like her favorite mangakas. She’s a big nerd with a good heart. But sadly some people trample on that heart. And sometimes being good doesn't feel like a choice any longer. And people change,not always for the better.

kanna profile.png

George Payton

George isn't exactly a nice kid...OK he isn't at all. He lives in the same trailer park as Djoji and actively antagonizes him on a daily basis. He doesn't care how much he screams for mercy or cries as long as he gets a laugh out of it. George is in constant competition with Domo. Always fighting him,racing him,or challenging him to prove something not even Domo understands. He has a hard time taking school seriously but knows if he doesn't go he and his family gets in trouble.

The Story: Cast & Crew
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